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The 5 main advantages of buying your T-shirts in bulk

If you're running a club or society, or are in charge of supplying t-shirts for school classes, a business or a sports team, you really should be buying your t-shirts wholesale. When you look at the facts below, you'll see it's a no-brainer. So why should you buy T-shirts in bulk?


One of the most significant advantages of buying t-shirts in bulk is financial savings. Suppliers often lower the per-unit price when items are purchased in large quantities. The bigger the order, generally the bigger the discount. This can result in a substantial reduction in overall costs, allowing more budget flexibility.

The savings come from several sources, most notably administration costs, packaging and transportation. But the supplier itself is really a go-between manufacturer and customer, so there's always going to be a cost saving when every stage of the transaction is part of a bulk order. Both manufacturers and wholesalers benefit from large orders as it frees up storage space and keeps products flowing. It's a win-win-win.

2. stock consistency

When buying t-shirts in bulk, you benefit from having a consistent stock which helps meet demand without frequent reordering. This is particularly beneficial for businesses where maintaining a constant supply of t-shirts, for example, in retail or uniform-supplied jobs, is crucial for smooth operations.

3. time saving

Placing one large order is less time-consuming than making several orders over time. With a bulk purchase, you eliminate the need for constant monitoring and reordering of stock levels, diminish delivery waiting time, and reduce the administrative work involved with multiple transactions.

4. quality consistency

Bulk orders often come from a single manufacturing batch. This means the t-shirts will generally have consistency in their colour, fit, fabric, and overall quality. Reducing quality variations, commonly observed in smaller orders from multiple batches, helps maintain a standardised, reliable product quality. While manufacturers strive to keep their colours consistent over the years, there can be issues with suppliers, cotton crops, and dye availability that can cause slight differences. They become particularly noticeable when a team is grouped together.

5. branding and customisation

You may need to print logos, unique designs or messages on the t-shirts. That could be our business name, the name of your club or even individuals' names. This is great for businesses seeking increased visibility or those creating personalised merchandise. When you get your t-shirts screen printed, there's a one-off cost for making the screens, but once made, the screens can be used over and over again. So, the bigger the order, the more bang you get for your buck. Similarly, with embroidery, there can be a cost for setting up the file for the machine, but that's not repeated for every item in a bulk order.

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