When you’re looking to sell casual clothing, be it T-shirts or hoodies, you might want to truly make it your own. If this is the case, you’ve got two options: (1) set up a factory, secure supply chains and distribution networks for your fabrics and other materials, and get staff and machinery to make your garments; or (2) buy white label clothing for an unbelievable price.

Which do you think sounds easier? Of course, it’s a no-brainer. Buying your stock of unbranded T-shirts is simple, there’s no upfront financial commitment and you’ll save a fortune in the process.

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That’s exactly what Screen Textiles’ re-brandable clothing is all about. It’s made by some of the most recognisable and trusted apparel brands in the world, but it’s ready for you to label up as your own.

No factories, no workshops, no staff. You just order the clothing, put your own labels wherever you want them, and to all intents and purposes, it’s your own brand. And because it’s great quality, the good name will only be associated with you. Sounds perfect? It is!

Is it legal?

Rebrandable clothing is 100% legitimate. You don’t have to worry about breaching commercial law such as copyright or patents. They’d be pretty unenforceable anyway as they will necessarily be generic T-shirt designs that haven’t changed in decades. What you’re buying is a blank canvas to give your own branding in whatever you want.

In fact, the companies that make rebrandable clothing go out of their way to make your branding easy to apply. For example, they do come with the label of the manufacturer, but they are easily detachable so you can add your own.

What brands are available?

Right now, we sell reprandable clothing by Gildan and Just Hoods. Gildan is a name that has long been associated with superb quality T-shirts and other clothing, and they’re also big on reducing their environmental impact, so you can be sure your own carbon footprint is reduced. Another highly regarded name in the rebrandables sector is Just Hoods. Despite their name, the company does make a complete range of apparel, but they started out as a hoodie maker and built from that thanks to their commitment to quality. 

What colours do they come in?

Gildan is renowned for its immense range of colour options, and we stock more than 50 colours of Gildan T-shirts in all sizes. That’s everything from pure white to the darkest, washable blacks, with a number of quite unusual pastel shades and vivid primaries to choose from.

Just Hoods’ range is a little more modest, with just six colours to select, but it’s all organic and ready to wear and modify with a clean conscience.

What can I use rebrandable T-shirts and hoodies for?

Our customers use rebranded T-shirts and hoodies for all sorts of reasons. If you own a clothes shop or market stall, you can simply sell them as staples, great for adding a bit of value to every purchase your customers make.

You don’t even need to remove the branding if you don’t want – the brands speak for themselves. Sometimes, our customers run T-shirt printing and customisation services, where they either stock a range of self-designed items to sell, or print anything that customers want printed on them. This is a great opportunity to give the T-shirts custom branding of your own. You can put your logo and web address on the label, so it’s like handing a business card to customers – they can always remind themselves and their friends where they got it from.

You might also want unbranded clothing if you’re giving your staff or a club their own uniforms. There’s nothing wrong with quality branded clothing, of course, but you can continue your company branding over the entire range of staff-facing and customer-facing items, from stationery to clothing. It’s a good way of continuing your brand across all touch points, and with so many colours to choose from, you can easily find T-shirts that fit the look.

Need help with your printing?

If you do want your non-branded T-shirts or hoodies emblazoned with designs, patches, embroidery or name tags, we can do the whole job in-house. Just head over to our T-shirt printing page to have a look at the kinds of services we offer, and if you’re interested, just get in touch so we can get working on your order. With your own designs and logos on them, they’ll really make your organisation stand out.

Even if you run your own T-shirt printing business, there might well be routine printing jobs that you apply to every item you sell. Why not have your clothing delivered pre-printed so we can save you that task time and time again? You can concentrate on delighting your customers, and we’ll cover the repetitive stuff.