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Regatta High Visibility

There are dozens of occasions where high visibility clothing is an absolute must for the safety of a workforce or team. Most of us will be familiar with seeing people in the construction industry wearing their fluorescent vests and jackets – it’s the safest and most responsible thing to do when there’s heavy machinery, building materials and vehicles whizzing around. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Transportation employees absolutely need hi-vis clothing to stay safe. When lighting is minimal and speeds and distances are high, all-body high visibility suits become completely essential. That’s why you will see them on railway workers maintaining infrastructure next to live lines, or staff working on the ground at airports or ferry or shipping terminals.

The oil and energy industries are other places where accidents can be serious and costly, so every possible measure should be taken to make the workforce as visible as possible from as far away as practicable. Warehouses and fulfillment centres also have dozens of vehicles and people moving about, often at great speed, and in quite confined spaces, so again, making staff highly visible can save lives, especially when they might only appear in colleagues’ peripheral vision.

And no roadside assistance mechanic would dream of picking up or repairing a vehicle on a live motorway or country lane without making sure they were as visible as possible – flashing lights can only provide so much protection.

It isn’t just workers in industry and transportation who need to be visible, though. There are plenty of tasks which might look and feel much less dangerous, but which can actually be quite accident prone if you’re not visible. If you’re in charge of a school run crocodile, especially in the winter, it’s a massive help if you stand out, not only to motorists, but also to the children themselves.

Delivering leaflets or going door to door is also made that bit safer when you’re wearing a high visibility jacket or bib, and even a pizza delivery driver wouldn’t be doing themselves any harm if they slipped on one. In fact, all manner of drivers, from local van drops to cross border HGV drivers, are well advised to have a set of high visibility clothing to hand – transport depots and busy high streets can be dangerous places if nobody can see you. Security, paramedics, firefighters and law enforcement employees are also often bedecked in extensive hi-visibility clothing for very good reasons.

Regatta – the number one name in high visibility

When it comes to high visibility safety clothing, we don’t think there’s a more reliable name in the business than Regatta. It’s a brand that is probably better known as a manufacturer of outdoor wear for hikers and various adventurous types, but as you’ll see, that specialism happens to be something of an advantage when it comes to high visibility clothing.

When you think about it, with the exception of warehousing, most of the time you need to be seen in the dark, you’re going to be outdoors, not inside, where there can be an abundance of artificial lighting. And when you’re outdoors, you need clothing that not only makes you light up, but also that which is appropriate for the weather conditions.

So as you would expect, Regatta has produced the complete range of outdoor clothing with safety at its heart. If you’re looking for a toasty warm high visibility jacket for those long nights out in the open, you couldn’t wish for a company that has more expertise in that area than this outdoor specialist. Take a look at their high visibility insulated jacket, for example – that;s the only jacket you’ll need.

But sometimes you just need protection against the wind and the rain, or only need a light jacket to throw over the top of a T-shirt, blouse or office shirt. That’s when you can turn to the Pro Packaway Jacket. Available in yellow or orange with high reflective striped panels to make you positively glow when the slightest beam of light hits you, you can pack it away in a bag or throw it in the car boot while not in use, then bring it out when you need to be seen.

Finally, you could also need high visibility trousers too. These are particularly useful for increasing the amount of reflectiveness available, so you’ll be noticed from even further away. But they also help with your nocturnal visibility when you’re bending down, standing behind panels or carrying large objects, when your top half might become obscured. You can slip the overtrousers on top of what you’re normally wearing and at a stroke you’ve made yourself almost 100% more visible. They’re also waterproof and windproof, and come in orange or yellow.


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